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Clues (blog)

'Blizzard Buddies' are a bad idea

If you know me or if you've taken one of my InvestiDate workshops, you know that I'm no prude. Despite Craigslist's rep, I've remained pro-Craigslist, reminding daters that it's really no safer or less safe than any other dating site. In fact, at least with Craigslist there's an alarm in one's head to proceed with caution, which I like because there's no guise of safety clouding one's perspective. So, why would people flock to post ads or respond to ads this week seeking Blizzard Buddies? Does that seem like a good idea? Seriously?

Meeting someone at a local pub, in a private place, during a snow storm sounds fun; even a little romantic. Inviting a stranger to your home is plain nuts; particularly when you may not be able to physically remove yourself from the situation.

People put their best foot forward when dating. No one tells you "Well, I was thinking I'd roofie your drink while we watch 'It's a Wonderful Life,' have my way with you while you're zonked out, then help myself to your wallet before I trudge through the snow to an undisclosed location." And honestly - that could be one of the better scenarios.

Yes, it's also possible that this person is just a kindred and adventurous spirit, like you, looking for some company on a snowy night. It's more likely you're inviting trouble.

So post your Craigslist ads on a non-blizzard night (be sure to use your Date-a-Base), meet in public, give time time, and hopefully by the next snow blizzard you'll have someone near and dear to snuggle up with by the fire.

Check out this article I was mentioned in about this very topic.