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Clues (blog)

FBI warns daters of online dating scams

The FBI just issued a press release warning daters to beware of online dating scams but what does it all mean? 

While there are many stories warning daters about scams and many more about people who’ve been the victims of scams, there doesn’t seem to be much information on what daters can actually do; until now.
Aside from steering clear of suitors proclaiming instant love and those requesting money to cover a sudden emergency, daters should arm themselves with information by using these FREE resources:
Spydial It: Go to, to check if your date sounds in the age range s/he says s/he’s in. If you want to date someone 15-years older than you, that’s cool. But if you don’t, check if s/he’s lying by typing in his or her cell phone number at You’ll instantly dial into his/her outgoing voicemail message and hear their voice.
Revise Records: If s/he pops up on or that’s not a good sign; you’ll find registered sex offenders there. If you’re unsure of his or her name, search by zip code and click, click, click to see if the photos match the sweet talker.
Verify his Photo: Too good-looking to be true? Maybe. Find out by running the image across Google image search to see where else his or her image may appear. There’s a chance it’s a fake profile (hey, one in ten online dating profiles are fake) or a real photo… of someone else.
Create a Date-a-Base: You know, a database of all your dates. To do this, create a free email account that you use just for dating. Make sure you’re name’s not on it, there’s no signature line and no identifying factors. Use this account for all your emails. Delete nothing. Then share the password with two trusted friends. Should something go amiss there are two friends who know where to begin their search for you.