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Clues (blog)

Woman sues after brutal stabbing by date

A Las Vegas woman is suing for $10 million dollars after being brutally beaten and stabbed by a man she met on the online dating site.

Mary Kay Beckman, 50, and Wade Ridley, 53, dated for just eight days before Beckman called off their relationship. Four months later, Ridley broke into Beckman’s garage, jumped the mother of two and stabbed her repeatedly with a butcher’s knife, then stomped on her head and neck, Fox 5 Las Vegas reported.

“When the police arrested him, he said he wasn't there to hurt me. He was there to kill me," Beckman told Fox 5. 

While in police custody, Ridley admitted to killing a 62-year-old Arizona woman he’d also met on, in early 2011.

Beckham’s lawyer says that lulls customers into a “false sense of security,” and is suing the company for $10 million.

Ridley committed suicide in prison before he could be tried in either the attack or the killing.

For those of you seeking to date online, please take precautions so that you may indeed meet, mingle, and have fun while staying safe.

Sites likes do not vet your dates -- that's your job. Even in states where some sites claim they do, the extent of their background checks of their members its unclear and the consequences for the sites are blurry. It's paramount that you, the dater, take safety in your own hands. This isn't the first time and online dating story has gone badly; it won't be the last.

What can you do?
  • Always check for a criminal sex offender record 
  • Make sure to meet in public
  • Wait a reasonable amount of time before revealing your home address
  • Don't rush to be in a "relationship"
  • Use Google Voice instead of giving out your cell or home phone
  • Check to see if your date has moved around from state-to-state with address checks
  • Pay attention to your date's body language