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Clues (blog)

Singles events are great just be careful

If you've met me in person or via webinar then you know, like you, I'm always looking.

I'm on the dating sites, I'm check out the cute guy in line at Starbucks, and so forth. So, who am I to tell you not to go to a singles event... I'm among the first ones there! That said, be careful. Don't presume, you're in a safe place -- even if it's organized by "your" meetup, your members-only club, or a paid dating site. Wherever you go, singles event or not, you are your own body guard. I cannot stress this enough. Go ahead, roll your eyes, I'm used to it, I'm a big sister.

What does "you are your own body guard" mean, exactly? It means there a few key dos and don'ts:

  • Don't reveal more about yourself than you normally would thinking you're in the company of comrades; you are still in the company of strangers
  • Do chat and flirt and smile with as many decent-looking people who catch your eye as possible
  • Don't let someone you don't know bring you a drink. If you let a stranger buy you a drink go with that person to purchase it and walk the drink back; it only takes a split-second for a drug to find its way into your drink. If you order a soda and it comes in a bottle or a can and waitstaff brings it, it should be sealed. If it's not sealed/closed, send it back, explain you need it sealed and request another.
  • Do not give out your real email or phone. Instead give out your Date-a-Base email address or Google Voice phone number freely; you have nothing to worry about with either of these
  • Do email yourself to your Date-a-Base email your whereabouts if you change location so that there is a bolded incoming record and other invisible tracks of your night, i.e. cell tower records
  • Don't leave and come back to finish a drink. If you leave your drink order a new one; so wait to use a restroom till your cup runneth outeth.
  • Do check identificationif you choose to leave for the evening with someone (not advised) then pretty please make sure you triple check that the name on their driver's license matches the name on a major credit card. And, umm, make sure the photo on that driver's license matches the person standing in front of you and that it's a real license.