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Clues (blog)

What's up, Doc? You are a doctor, right??

Ah, the lingering recession. A time when survivors buck up, flip burgers, and find admirable ways to make ends meet.

Some of us are lucky to work in our chosen fields,
others make lemonade... and then there are some that are
neither here nor there. They're lost in la-la land; and
they're ready to take you along for the ride.

Remember the movie Catch Me If You Can? It's the one
where Leonardo DiCaprio acts out the real life of
Frank Abagnale Jr., a renowned con artist who swindled millions of dollars by posing as an airline pilot,
a Georgia doctor, and a Louisiana parish prosecutor. 
Would you want to be on Frank's plane? In his operating
room? Applying the same reasoning, would you want him
in your bed?

So, how do you know you're on a date with a doctor, an
architect, or a nutritionist and not some made-up
wannabe? You load up on information.

In New York, there are 48 professions licensed by the
New York State Education Department. The State's
consumer-friendly Web site lists each of these professions
with links to easy-to-follow job descriptions, and license requirements. And bonus: if you have the first and last
name of your sweetheart or his or her license number
you can instantly discover if there's been misconduct.

Here's how it works:

1. Go to the New York State Educated Department site and choose a profession.

2. Say you chose, acupuncture. You would be reading what
You would also learn the necessary credentials (e.g. three-year professional training program in
acupuncture after a minimum of two years of college
education). Related associations, like The State Board
for Acupuncture, would also pop up on your radar.

3. Now that you have this background, go do a Verification
Search. Enter your date's last name put a space (no comma!)
then enter their first name; choose their profession from
the list then click search. If you only have a last name
this should still work.

4. Once you hit search, the person should come up.
Click on his or her name and you'll have access
to their license number, date of licensure, sometimes the
name of their college, their status, and if there's a
blemish on their record it should show that too.

Lastly, if you are checking up on a doctor... which I do
for all my doctors (not just my dates), see what patients
think. Go to and enter their first name then
last name, read the disclaimer and if you agree, click
agree. Then read what others think about your doctor's
promptness, beside manner (hint), and follow up. If half
of Manhattan's not too impressed, maybe there's a reason.