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Clues (blog)

He pops pills? What kind exactly?

Sometimes a girl needs to know what she's dealing with.
We all know that no one's perfect. But you should know
what level of imperfection you can deal with. Or shall
we say, what dose?

In this day and age of stock market crashes, high unemployment,
low workload, and dizzying deadlines it
makes sense that some (OK, a lot) of men (and women)
may need to be on legitimately prescribed,
doctor-supervised, medication. But if you're dating a
pill-popping guy and you haven't had a chance to
accidentally lose your lipstick inside his bathroom
cabinet, you may want to take a good look at one of
those pesky little pills while he fetches a glass
of water.

Most medicines are marked, aka imprinted, so that they
can be identified. These imprints can include a
brand's logo, numerical digit or alphabetic character.

WebMd has a relatively new, and free to use,
Pill Identifier page. Simply fill in what you know of
the drug and you're on your way to getting some
answers. is another site created to help
us decode the jargon. Pharmacists there charge a $9.95
fee to identify five drugs within one year.       
Once you've got the name of the pill, enter its name on WebMD's
Find a Drug page to read more about it.

If you suspect the pills aren't exactly for proper
medical use, visit Here you'll see
photos of various kinds of drugs, learn their multiple
names, and how they're bought and sold.

If you're stumped and find your beau's behavior to be
erratic, you could just flat out ask why he pops those
pills. If the answer leaves you uneasy, a strand of
hair could prove useful with a $60 Psychemedics drug test
(technically, this specific test is for teens but do
men really ever grow up?).

Still, if you've gotten this far in your quest for
answers, you may want to move on. Yes, some things
(many actually) are private but in your q & a you should
walk away with answers and a little bit of comfort.

Remember, people who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.