InvestiDate - How to Investigate Your Date
1. Is this for real? You're going to teach me how to investigate my date?
Yes and yes.
2. Is it legal? 
Of course! We only teach tools available to everybody yet little known and rarely used.
3. Who even thought of this?
Maria Coder, a 30-something singleton living and dating in Manhattan, who had enough of the lying, cheating,
no-good-meaning men and sought a way to step up her game and share her learnings with friends.

4. Why should I InvestiDate?
There are three main reasons to InvestiDate: to steer clear of physical danger, to prevent financial ruin, and to avoid emotional harm.
5. Will my significant other know that I am InvestiDating?
No, not unless you tell him or her; or unless you toss common sense out the window.
6. Isn't this snooping?
No. This is doing your "homework." This is self-preservation. This is smart.

7. Can anyone successfully InvestiDate?
Yes, to DnvestiDate is to do due diligence. To be a successful InvestiDater you must adhere to three principles: believe in yourself, connect the dots, and know your bottom line.
7. What if I find out something I don't want to know?
We'll teach you what tools yield which answers, so it's up to you where you dig. And, well, better to find out sooner than later. No?
8. How do I get started?
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