InvestiDate - How to Investigate Your Date

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All NYC classes are held at Ripley-Grier
at 520 8th Ave. (btw 36/37 Streets). Please check your ticket for the FLOOR and ROOM number as these change every time.

WEBINARS are held online at specific times. Log on from home, call in LIVE - join the discussion!

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 101

Is your date too good to be true?
Do you have a hunch something is off-center?
This class will teach you to master the basics and form a solid foundation for later, for when you "meet cute" the more advanced con-artists in life.
   Learn how to:
  • Quickly analyze an online dating profile; unravel mysteries using Facebook & Twitter
  • Learn to make your own "date-a-base"
  • Interpret body language and/or get help from a  celebrity pro
  • Verify employment & academia, discover hobbies & groups
  • Gauge income level and estimate monthly rent payments
  • And pick up tools you can put to use right away!

  Upcoming Workshops:

   • Tues, May 1, 7:15-8:15 pm ET, Ripley-Grier

   • Tues, May 8, 9-10 pm ET, WEBINAR

Are You Dating an A*S?

Dating someone for a while and want to make sure s/he's on the up-and-up?
Maybe you have a gut feeling that something is off but can't quite put your finger on it?
Or, maybe you just want to pick up some savvy investigative techniques; either way this class is super informative and a lot of fun!
"Are You Dating an A*S? builds upon the basics from "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 101." It's best if you've taken the "Wolf" class but if you'd like to skip ahead, we'll get you up-to-speed.
   Learn how to:
  • Ween the tangled web of social media
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Analyze intermediate body language and word choices
  • Search public records
  • Get historical not hysterical
  • Recognize when to back away from the computer and more!

   Upcoming Workshops:

   • Thurs, May 3, 9-10 pm ET, WEBINAR
             Undercover Bachelorettes 
 NYC - more dates coming soon
runs from 10 pm - 1 am +, $10

Location(s) to be emailed privately
Ever wonder if the bride-to-be really gets all the attention on a girls' night out? You don't have to wait to be a bride to find out! Just join the "bridal party!"
InvestiDate and some Secret Agents are conducting a highly unscientific night on the town experiment whereby women in their 20s (must be 21+), 30s and 40s+ will hit different bars and pubs, each taking their turn to be the bride or come along for sweet deception!
Join the fun, the laughter, the mayhem... make new friends and learn a thing or two along the way.
Starting bar to be emailed to attendees only; what kind of undercover-sleuths would we be otherwise!
PS - All that flirting can leave a girl hungry. Post-midnight desserts to follow.
Chicks Clicking 101
NYC - more dates coming soon
         Age 50+ women only!
      2-Day Weekend Workshop: Dates TBA
       10 am - 2 pm, $289
520 Eighth Avenue, floor and room number TBA
(btw 36/37 Streets)
Limit: 10 women per class
(light snacks and water provided)
Wanna talk to the hen, baby? You've got to get clucking, um, clicking. You've got to get clicking.
This weekend workshop is for women ages 50+ who've been thinking about online dating but chicken out or don't know where to start.
So grab a friend and get to class and get ready to have fun!

If you have a laptop, bring it (fully charged, outlets are scarce)! If you don't have a laptop only a desktop, no problem, write down the how-to and we'll set up a phone Q&A session if you get stuck on your own.
This 2-day weekend workshop runs
10 am-2 pm both Saturday and Sunday.
Here's how it works:
Saturday -- Come with no make up. That's right, not a drop. Our professional makeup artist will give you a natural yet elegant look. Our photographer will snap a way. You'll have headshots, full body-shots, and portrait-like photos taken for your online dating profile. In between your model-moments, you'll learn of the different types of dating sites available. Your three favorite photos from your photo shoot will be emailed to you.
Sunday -- We'll create your dating handle, your date-a-base, and write your profile from scratch to finish. We'll show and tell and help crack the best approach to a safe and sexy post. You'll also learn to upload photos, maneuver different dating sites and learn vital tips to date safely.
         Oh Honey, Bee Careful
Class date and time coming soon.
Sometimes life gets sticky.
You *think* you know something but maybe deep down you might really, actually, know something.
This can be a blessing and a curse. You're almost ready for a pow wow, a confrontation of sorts; or maybe an ultimatum. But eek, scary, and boy can the truth sting.
This highly advanced, less tongue-in-cheek class, requires completion of either "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 101" OR "Are You Dating an A*S?" due to the more sophisticated nature.
   Learn how to:
  • Pin-point a pathological liar
  • Identify drugs and gauge various addictions
  • Analyze advanced body language
  • Run a professional in-depth background check
  • When and how to hire a private investigator
  • Confront safely, soothe yourself, and much more!